Motorhomes are high-value recreational vehicles, meaning any repair to the bodywork should be completed in the right way and to the best possible standards, to preserve the future value and condition of the vehicle. We can do this for you here at DMR, we specialise in superior quality motorhome bodywork repairs in South Yorkshire and are sure to have the perfect solution for you.

To guarantee total customer satisfaction, we make sure any motorhome repair we undertake is completed to the finest quality, both structurally and cosmetically. We focus on the intrinsic strength of the motorhome, make sure the correct materials are used, and colour match the finish to produce the best possible result, using our skills, knowledge, and experience as motorhome specialists.

Working closely with the leading motorhome manufacturers, we maintain the same high level of quality repairs using the finest motorhome parts. Having a wealth of skill and vast experience as one of the leading motorhome repair shops, we work with specialist aluminium, plastics, fibreglass, wood, and paint processes, to produce a flawless finish as part of the repair process.

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We offer all minor and major bodywork repairs completing work on an emergency basis or as part of a motorhome restoration, offering all of the following services and so much more:

  • Accident damage
  • Minor or major bodywork repairs
  • Premium quality finish
  • All panels repaired where possible
  • FREE repair quotes

Thanks to our close relationship with motorhome suppliers, we can source parts quickly and efficiently, making the repair process as efficient as it can be, with the minimum amount of disruption to you.  We always repair panels where possible to save money on part costs and repair times, whilst maintaining the originality of the vehicle’s water seals and joints.

South Yorkshire’s Premier Motorhome Repair Service

Our bodywork repairs also include bodyside pattern replication for panels with textured or patterned aluminium surfaces. We can usually pre-produce this finish with specialist equipment using all of our experience, which saves panel replacement where possible.

Please take a look at our REPAIR PROCESS section where all the necessary information can be found explaining a typical repair. If you need further details, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the work you want completing on your motorhome, you can call us on 01392 711377.