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How to avoid motorhome accidents

We provide motorhome repairs and caravan body repairs in Doncaster and South Yorkshire, but we’d much rather you be safe and not need the repairs in the first place, especially if they’re the result of an unfortunate crash! Here’s how to avoid motorhome and caravan accidents, and how we can help if they do occur.

Take it slow and don’t brake too harshly

Motorhomes are a lot heavier than your standard 4-person car, so it’s important to take your speed a little slower than you otherwise would do. All of that weight takes more time to slow down than a car, and going at a speed can build its momentum considerably. Leaving extra space and not braking too harshly really helps too, because you’re giving you and your vehicle plenty of room to react to any sudden changes in other drivers or road conditions.

Safety first – always wear your seatbelt and settle your pets

When you’re travelling in a motorhome, always wear a seatbelt! We know it’s tempting to get comfortable because you’re surrounded by home comforts, but always remember that you’re still on the road, surrounded by other motorists. Nothing beats being prepared for any mishaps or accidents. Always strap in for your journeys in your motorhome, because you will have very little time to react should your driver need to suddenly react to the road. Settling your pets is also a must for your vehicle journeys, because they can become a dangerous distraction when distressed. Containing them within a crate, carry case, or even a passenger’s arms will help them to settle down and therefore not be as much of a distraction.

Be prepared with motorhome insurance

Staying prepared is the absolute key to avoiding motorhome accidents, but you should also make sure you’re covered just in case. At DMR Motorhome Body Repairs, we provide non-fault accident motorhome insurance for if the unfortunate does happen. We’ll liaise with the insurance companies on your behalf, complete bodywork repairs for you, and ensure that you get back on the road safely.

If you do sadly end up in a motorhome accident, we’ve written about what to do if you’re in a caravan or motorhome accident.

Contact Us today to find out more about our motorhome and caravan insurance today, or speak to us about body repairs for motorhomes. Call us directly on 01302 711377 to speak to a member of our team.

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