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As much as people try to glamorise the camping experience with the new and trendy term ‘glamping’ there is nothing stylish or luxurious about setting up a cold and uncomfortable tent in the rain and then shivering under a canopy trying to get the barbeque started.

Although the ‘glamping’ trend has brought us a full range of luxury camping gear from portable showers to decorations and twinkling lights for your tent, all of these high-tech camping gadgets will cost you a small fortune and take you a full day to pack into the car and then set up at the other end.  There’s no getting away from it the fact that camping just isn’t always practical, especially not in the British climate.  Once you’ve tried going on holiday in a motorhome once you’ll wonder how and why you ever suffered all those sleepless nights and miserable wet days in a cold tent. Here are six of our top reasons why motorhomes are better than tents.

Electric appliances – If you’re used to camping then the novelty of being able to take electrical appliances on holiday will take a while to wear off.  If you’ve had a long day out walking or at the beach then you can have a cup of tea prepared at the flick of a switch and quickly put something in the oven for dinner rather than having to try to get the sixth barbeque of the week lit up outside in the cold and rain.  Kids can take electrical items with them for any rainy days and you can even dry your hair with a hairdryer in the morning! Luxurious!

Running water – No more walking through muddy fields in the dark in the middle of the night for the toilet or queuing up to pay for a hurried cold shower in the morning,  When you holiday in a motorhome you’ve got all your creature comforts like running water right there, it’s like a home away from home.

Warmth – Let’s face it, if you’re holidaying in the UK then even if you go mid-summer it’s going to be hit and miss how warm it is.  With a motorhome you can go on holiday any time of the year without worrying about whether you’ll freeze to death.  What could be better after a long brisk walk by the sea than coming back to your motorhome and snuggling down for a cosy evening with the heater on.

Privacy – There’s not a great deal of privacy when you’re camping, whether it’s your own noisy kids or someone else’s there’s no way of blocking their noise out when you’re in a tent.  In a motorhome if the kids are getting a bit too much or if you just need a bit of time out to relax and gather your thoughts then you can always lock yourself in the bedroom!  It also offers you the privacy of closed doors behind which you can shower and brush your teeth without an audience.

No setting up or taking down time – Packing all the necessities to make a camping trip comfortable can feel like moving house, especially for families.  If you feel like you spend as much time packing, setting up, and taking everything back down again and repacking as you do enjoying your holiday then it’s definitely time to invest in a motorhome.  Motorhomes will have all the essentials conveniently stored inside; all you’ll need to bring is yourself, some clothes and your daily essentials.

Protection from the weather – As we’ve already mentioned the weather in the UK is unreliable to say the least.  A camping trip where it rains every day can spell disaster, but in a comfortable motorhome all is not lost

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