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Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you have to stop going on holiday, that’s the beauty of owning a motorhome! Although it may be a little chillier, and the days may be a little shorter, there’s still plenty going on around the country. We’ve come up with a list of the five essential items you need to take on your winter motorhome holiday.


There is nothing worse than being so cold that you can’t stop shivering…especially when you’re supposed to be enjoying your holiday! Of course sleeping in a motorhome is much warmer and more comfortable than camping but it can still get chilly on those long, winter nights. If your motorhome has a heating system make sure that’s working properly before setting off. If not, or if you want an extra layer of warmth to ward off numb fingers, make sure to pack a few thick blankets. Whether you prefer fleecy or woolly ones forgetting them could end up ruining the leisurely nights spent relxing in your motorhome.


Don’t forget to pack something to entertain yourselves while you’re buried under those cosy blankets! Whether you prefer poker, blackjack or snap don’t forget to pack a deck of cards for your winter holiday. Just in case you don’t find much to do while you’re away, or even if you just prefer taking it easy, make sure you can provide your own entertainment. If cards aren’t your thing, pack your favourite board game or Sudoku book to keep you entertained!


Let’s face it, the weather probably won’t be amazing for your winter holiday. It’s likely to rain, snow or at least be windy so make sure you pack appropriate clothing and footwear. There’s nothing worse than having to trudge around in soggy trainers because you forgot your wellies or waterproof walking boots so make sure they’re an essential item in your luggage. Similarly, make sure to pack your raincoat, jumpers and thick trousers. Don’t let the winter weather ruin your winter holiday: be prepared!


This is an essential for the motorhome itself. Remember, your motorhome is both your home and your transport while you’re on holiday, so look after it! Before setting off on your winter adventure make sure you’ve checked and double checked the health of your motorhome. It would be disastrous if your motorhome’s engine gave out miles from civilisation so make sure everything is in working order before you leave home. Make sure you have de-icer on board for those frosty morning starts as well as making sure your radiator is filled with de-icer or you could be in for an extremely chilly and expensive holiday!


As the weather gets worse so too does mobile phone signal, especially in the middle of nowhere. Nothing can ruin a holiday more than getting lost in the countryside, it can even be dangerous now that the days are getting colder and shorter. Make sure you purchase an ordinance survey map of the area you’re visiting so that if you do lose your way, and your phone does lose signal, you’ll be able to find your way back with little peril.

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