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With so many different types of motorhomes available on the market today, you have plenty of choice if you are looking for a leisure vehicle and want to purchase something for pleasure purposes. There’s no need to feel confused, and no reason to feel daunted when purchasing a motorhome, simply explore the variety of vehicles available and choose a model based on your personal preferences.

Here are some of the most common motorhome types with a brief explanation of each model.


Not to be confused with the well-known Mercedes car, A-class motorhomes are luxurious and highly desirable amongst motorhome owners, with a price tag to match. Offering the ultimate luxury package, these are some of the most expensive leisure vehicles you can buy, but there are slightly more affordable options on the second-hand market, making it a little more palatable to become an A-class owner.

Fixed roof

Most fixed roof motorhomes are actually campervans that have been converted from a donor van. Vehicles like the VW Transporter lend themselves naturally to this type of conversion, and inside you will find basic equipment such as a small sink and hob, with a rock-and-roll bed at the rear. These can be useful as leisure vehicles due to their small size, and they are often cheaper, so a good option if you want to buy a leisure vehicle on a budget.


Conversions are popular in the campervan world, and the high-top camper is a classic example that offers more headroom in the rear of the vehicle. They come in a variety of styles, there are many different layouts inside, and this could be the ideal vehicle if you don’t want to buy anything too big.  High-top campers are also good if you are downsizing from a bigger motorhome but still want to retain your freedom and flexibility.

Bed over cab

Another familiar sight in the motorhome world is the bed over cab model, which pretty much explains itself. With this style, you have a distinctive over-cab area, providing useful space for a ready-made double bed. Families with young children like this option, and space where the bed is can also be used for storage, making it a very practical option.

Rising roof

One other camper conversion is the rising roof model, and as the name implies, this has a rising roof section you can push-up when you are parked, to give you more headroom inside. If you have a smaller budget in mind, and want a fun leisure vehicle to use at the weekend or for camping, this could be the ideal model for your requirements.


If good looks and a sleek design are important features when you are choosing a motorhome, a low-profile model might be just what you are looking for. Offering a brilliant blend of space, comfort and practicality, these luxury homes are ideal for couples or families looking for a fun, coach-built motorhome.

American RV

Big, bold and crammed with luxury features, American motorhomes are like a house on wheels, with capacious interiors and everything you could want and desire when pitched. They might not suit some of the smaller UK roads, but if you want to buy the ultimate RV to take away on holiday, an American motorhome is the best model to choose.

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