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If you own your own motorhome then there is no doubt that you will have made many amazing memories over the years during holidays in your trusty motorhome.  A motorhome will provide you with moments to cherish for many years to come providing that it is maintained correctly.  To keep your motorhome in the best condition for the longest time possible it’s important to keep up with a few essential maintenance tasks on a regular basis.  Motorhomes are often left dormant for long periods of time so it’s particularly important to run through this list if it’s the first time that you’ve used your motorhome for a while.  Here is our checklist of five small jobs that will keep your motorhome running for longer.

Check for leaks and signs of damp – If your motorhome springs a leak then it’s important that you find out about it sooner rather than later.  If water is leaking into your motorhome then this will cause damp and mildew which is one of the biggest problems that motorhome owners face.  Make sure that you are regularly checking all of the doors, windows and seals in your motorhome for leaks and sealing any gaps so that it is water tight.  Damp and mildew can also occur in your motorhome if it is not well ventilated.  Steam from cooking and from using the shower can cause dampness so make sure that you air your vehicle regularly by opening up the roof, doors, windows and vents.  If the bathroom in your motorhome has a fan then switch it on whenever you’re showering to let out the hot, damp steam.  You’ll be able to tell if your motorhome is damp because there will be a musty smell.

Flush out the water system – Your motorhome’s water system will need to be flushed out and cleaned on a regular basis, this is particularly important if the vehicle has been in storage for a while.  A cleaner or sterilising fluid should be used to clean out the internal tanks, and all of the water that is already in the system should be flushed out.

Check tyres – If your motorhome has been stored for a while then the tyre pressure will have probably reduced so make sure that you check this and then pump the tyres up as needed.  You also need to keep an eye on the condition of your tyres by making sure that there are no signs of bulging, cracking or low-tread depth.

Check fluid levels – Just like your car you should be checking your motorhome’s fluid levels before you set off on a long journey.  Make sure that you have enough oil, coolant and windscreen wiper fluid before you set off on a journey and then top up as needed.

Check the battery – Routinely monitor your motorhome’s battery to ensure that it is in good condition and full working order.  The battery needs to be protected from corrosion and should be recharged regularly to stop it from going completely flat.

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