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Once you invest in a motorhome you have a mode of transport to whisk you away on countless holidays in the future. By rights, your accommodation costs are covered when you take a break in a motorhome, so how much will you actually spend on a vacation in an RV?

This will differ depending on the holiday so let’s look at a few expenses you might face…


This is likely to be your largest expense when you take a break in your motorhome. There are ways to save fuel though when you take your motorhome away on holiday. Hitch a couple of bikes or scooters to the back of the vehicle and you have cheap modes of transport to ferry you around once you arrive at your destination. You could tow a small car behind the motorhome and use this to visit tourist hot spots. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be cheaper on fuel than the RV.

Overnight fees

Stop overnight at campsites in your motorhome and you’ll be liable for campsite fees. These will vary depending on which site you choose, expect to pay an average of 20 – £25 per night at the busier resorts. The good thing about staying overnight at a campsite is you can hitch your motorhome to their facilities and have the comfort of water and electricity without tapping into your own supply.

Living fees

Stay in a motorhome and you have the option of preparing your own meals to save money on eating out. This is good if you want to holiday on a budget. Set a daily figure for your living expenses whilst you are away on holiday, factor into the cost the price of tourist attractions where you have to pay to gain entry.

Emergency expenses

Set a budget for your motorhome holiday and it’s always useful to keep a little money back for emergency situations. You might experience a few mechanical problems with the motorhome for example and need to find a garage, have a fall back plan in place that covers you for financial emergencies.

Motorhome holidays are perfect for families on a budget, where will your RV take you this summer?

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