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How to Prepare Your Motorhome for a Yorkshire Winter

With the northern winter fast approaching, you want to ensure you’re prepared for any campervan repairs in Yorkshire. This is the best way to keep your motorhome in good condition during the harsher weather; guarantee the survival of your campervan by investing in caravan repairs in Yorkshire. Whether you’ve just purchased your first motorhome or have owned one for years, it’s always best to get your vehicle serviced regularly.

Here at Motor Home Body Repairs, we know exactly the damage the winter weather can have on your campervan; as we deal with campervan repairs in Yorkshire we know the best way to cope with the issues that can arise when either storing your motorhome in the northern winter or using it for winter holidaying. Here are a few of our handy tips.

Ways to Prepare for Storage

If you’re not using your caravan during the winter months then here are some top tips to protect your caravan before storage:

  • Get your motorhome serviced – small campervan repairs in Yorkshire can become a lot worse during the winter, now is the time to get those little jobs done before they end up really breaking the bank. Check for signs of water damage and ensure these are repaired.
  • Remove gas bottles – disconnect gas bottles and ensure gas taps are closed to avoid a leakage.
  • Drain – with the winter season comes the risk of water freezing and pipes cracking which we know leads to painful campervan repairs in Yorkshire. Make sure you drain the water system before storage.
  • Empty your campervan – emptying your campervan deters thieves from breaking into your vehicle; costing you loss and money in motorhome repairs. Removing furnishings also improves their life and keeps them looking and feeling newer for longer.
  • Clean everything – inside and out, to ensure dirt and algae doesn’t damage your caravan.
  • Charge the battery – make sure batteries are charged once a month to keep your alarm powered.
  • Safe space – find a safe place to keep your motorhome and avoid parking in potentially dangerous or damaging to your vehicle, for example under a tree that might cause damage and require campervan repairs in Yorkshire.
  • Cover – investing in a high-quality cover can protect your motorhome from all the elements, and with our unpredictable northern weather, it can also protect you from caravan repairs in Yorkshire.
  • Move and check your vehicle – it is important to keep checking your motor home for repairs and safety as well as to move positions to spread pressure and reduce risk of motorhome repairs.

Tips for Winter Caravan Holidays

A few quick tips on how to make the most out of your winter motorhome holiday, with minimum need for any campervan repairs in Yorkshire. However, if you happen to be on your holiday when disaster strikes you can rely on our mobile motorhome body repairs in Yorkshire.

  • Make sure you have no frozen pipes before leaving, and bring a hot water bottle to defrost any mishaps.
  • Have suitable winter tyres.
  • Bring electric heaters.
  • Park on slight inclines to avoid water sitting and freezing the pipes.
  • Use rugs.
  • Bring snow shovels.
  • Bring anti-freeze.

Bringing Your Caravan Out of Winter Storage

Bringing your caravan out of winter storage can be tricky, use some of these tips to ensure you’re back on the road in no time:

  • Get it serviced
  • Test the power
  • Check everything is working to avoid later caravan repairs
  • Clean everything… again
  • Clean the drained water system before use

Get in Touch

If you require any more information on our campervan repairs in Yorkshire or want to find out more about our mobile motorhome body repairs in Yorkshire, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01302 711377 today. Alternatively, you can contact us online or by email for a prompt response on any motorhome body repairs in Yorkshire.

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