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Your complete beginners guide to buying a motorhome

You may become overwhelmed when it comes to buying your first motorhome, many aspects have to be taken into account to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Motorhome Body Repairs have created this short but sweet guide to buying your first motorhome to ease the process; giving you tips from online purchases to motorhome repairs. If you weren’t sure if the motorhome life was for you, you will after this guide.

Reasons to buy a motorhome now

If your hesitation is holding you back when thinking about buying your first motorhome then read our top reasons to buy a motorhome in 2018, this will have you itching to get your new caravan out on the road.

  • Save money – probably the least ‘wanderlust’-full reason to be buying a motorhome, but also probably the most reasonable one. By investing in a caravan you can guarantee a long-term saving for the future. This means no more over-priced hotel rooms and expensive meals out, and if you maintain motorhome repairs you can ensure the initial buying price will pay itself off in no time.
  • Enjoy the comforts of home, on holiday – you have the freedom to make your motorhome your own, never feel homesick again and enjoy having another space to use your creative skills to decorate. You can also have the benefits of bringing your entire wardrobe, running water and kitchen space, unlike camping.
  • Freedom – everything is in your hands. You no longer have to book hotels way in advance that tie you to cities and resorts, or find a hotel that allows you to bring pets; you have the power of freedom.

Motorhome buying tips for beginners

  • Ask – always ask the seller any questions, they’re usually friendly and always have the best knowledge (obviously). There are a lot of online caravan communities that are happy to help with any advice.
  • Have a test drive – get a real feel for the motorhome, check weights, practice reversing, parking up etc to see if it’s the perfect suit for you.
  • Motorhome finance – it’s worth at least looking into motorhome finance services if you doubt the expense.
  • Get proper insurance – take out a fully comprehensive motorhome policy and check the details of contents insurance and motorhome repairs.
  • Check the vehicle – remember this is an investment and therefore one you need to be sure of, check for any past caravan repairs or motorhome repairs that need to be done to weigh the price.
  • Check your licence – there are various weights you are eligible to drive depending on when you passed and your age; it’s always best to double check.

Why you need to invest in motorhome repairs

Whenever you consider buying a new motorhome it’s always key to check the inevitable motorhome repairs needed. By investing in motorhome repairs services you will prolong the service life of your motorhome. As the initial starting price can be a hefty one you want to invest in motorhome repairs as soon as possible to guarantee you’re getting your money’s worth from day one with a repair service.

If you are living in South Yorkshire and are looking to ensure your new motorhome’s service life, and save you money in the long term, then be sure to invest in our motorhome repairs services at Motorhome Body Repairs Yorkshire. Our caravan repairs service is based in Harworth but also offer mobile motor home repairs in Yorkshire and the UK.

Contact us

Get in touch today to guarantee effective motorhome repairs on your new motorhome; call us on 01302 711377 to speak to one of our motorhome repair specialists in Yorkshire, you can also contact us online or email us directly at for a prompt response on your caravan repairs needs.

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