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Motorhomes across history

You may think motorhomes just appeared as the huge mechanical monsters you now see on the motorway and in all their modern luxurious glory, but they didn’t (obviously) – once a humble extension of the car, the history of the motor home is an interesting one. We’ll have a brief look at the evolution of the motorhome, from the most elite to the obsolete.

The first motorhome

Speaking of obsolete, the first – and most primitive – version of the motorhome was first seen in America in 1910. This resembled a cart (not far from a surrey with a fringe on top shape) that had the ability to fold down the chairs in order to sleep on. Not necessarily a bed per say, but a good effort from the early 1900’s.

Most famous motorhomes

Surprisingly one motorhome that has caught the spotlight isn’t far off the age of our first motorhome. Shipped over to the UK from the US in 1935, naval aristocrat Captin Dunn’s Pontiac Six chassis is over 80 years old and now seen as a well preserved antique. Believed to be the first ever motorhome to be built in Britain, it’s now on sale for £40,000 although some people believe it should be kept as an artefact in a museum.

On the other hand, motorhomes like Airstream gain their fame by offering a more modern, luxury hotel on wheels-feel to the campervan community. With TV, large shower, luxury kitchen, wardrobes and air conditioning there’s no need to book that B&B, although it would be considerably cheaper.

We won’t mention absurdly luxury motorhomes like the $2.5 million, 1,200-square-foot mobile home that Will Smith owns.

Longest Lasting motorhome

Arguably the most iconic motorhome the VW Camper stands the test of time. During the 50’s-60’s this stylish campervan served the hippy aesthetic towards the ‘summer of love’ era. The main reason for this success being the ability to completely remove the interior; giving people the option of choosing how homely they wanted their motorhome to be. This vehicle has seen its fair share of motorhome repairs and remains a common caravan option today.

Ensure your motorhome doesn’t become history

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