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Your campervan now allows you the opportunity to explore areas of the UK that you would never of considered visiting before.   Yet it is important that whilst you are away that you take proper care of your vehicle to ensure that you can enjoy the freedom of the road for many years to come.   This, of course, includes having yours regularly checked by reputable campervan repairs in Yorkshire service.


There are certain activities that you as a campervan owner should carry out whilst travelling to ensure that you have not only a clean but comfortable vehicle to stay in.   Below we offer some very important tips that you will find helpful when it comes to keeping your campervan clean and comfortable for years to come.   Here are our top tips to keep your campervan clean:


Tip 1 – Keep Clutter To A Minimum


If you aren’t careful your campervan will soon become full of bits and bobs you’ve collected during your travels over the years.  But removing as many of these items as possible, will not only provide you with more space inside but also makes keeping your campervan clean a lot easier.   Also, avoid trying to bring too many personal items from home such as cushions or personal items.


By keeping clutter to a minimum you can also immediately identify any problems with your vehicle.  You can then arrange for the vehicle to be inspected and any repairs carried out that are necessary by a good caravan repairs Yorkshire based company.


Tip 2 – Remove Any Rubbish


It is important that you keep the amount of rubbish you have lying around in your vehicle to a minimum.   Most campsites have areas where rubbish can be left and even now include recycling facilities.  It is best to remove any rubbish from your campervan at least twice a day.  If you allow rubbish to build up inside of course not only will you end up having more to remove, but also over time it will begin to smell.  It will smell even worse because it is being kept in quite a confined space.


Tip 3 – Try To Avoid Bringing Dirt In


The best way of doing this is to get everybody to remove their shoes before they step inside your campervan.  By getting everyone to take off their shoes not only are you reducing how much dirt is brought inside but also reduces the risk of any harmful bacteria being able to come into your campervan.


Tip 4 – Use Good Quality Cleaning Products


If you really want to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition use only good quality products for cleaning it.  Use one that has a fragrant smell and it multi-purpose.  But for the bathroom and kitchen areas, you may want to think about using good bleach as well as a good limescale remover product.  By choosing to use multipurpose products it means the cleaning products won’t take up so much space in the cupboard.


Tip 5 – Vacuum Or Mop Regularly


Removing any debris from the floor in your campervan is crucial.  If you allow debris to build up inside your campervan on the floor eventually you may find that you have to get it replaced.   Good motorhome repairs in Yorkshire Company can do this for you, but of course, it will cost.


What you use to clean debris from your floor will, of course, depend on the type of flooring you have in your campervan.  If you have laminate flooring then a broom and mop will be sufficient for keeping it clean.  But if your campervan has carpets in it you will need a vacuum.  Look for one that doesn’t take up too much space.


It is important that during the time you are away you try to give the floors a clean at least once a day.   This will help to ensure that dirt doesn’t have the opportunity to build up over time.   Again helping to prevent you being faced with having to arrange for mobile motorhome body repairs in Yorkshire service to deal with any problems.


Hopefully the tips we offered above will help to ensure that your campervan remains looking as good as when you first brought it no matter how often you choose to go away in it.  If you would like further information about how to care for and maintain your vehicle then please contact us at DMR Motorhome Body Repairs Specialists on 01302 711377.  Alternatively, you can send us an email at or by filling out our online Enquiry Form.

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