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Having invested a large amount of time and money preparing your motorhome for fun family adventures it would be devastating if your vehicle was stolen from underneath your nose. Use effective security measures and this will reduce the chances of your motorhome going astray, we suggest these ideas if you want to keep hold of your beloved RV.

  1. Lock it up – Get into the habit of locking your motorhome when you are away from the vehicle, no matter how soon you plan on returning to the RV. Thieves are opportunistic, they’ll be in and out of your motorhome in a matter of minutes so lock it with the key whenever you leave the vehicle, even if you are parked on a reputable campsite.
  2. Have an alarm fitted – Alarms are noisy, they attract attention and unsettle the nerves, this is just what you want if somebody breaks into your RV. Create as much noise as you can in the event of a break in, thieves won’t hang around for long when a siren is blaring.
  3. Use an immobiliser – Some thieves are clever, they’ll find a way to bypass your alarm system so give them another challenge and have an immobiliser fitted to the motorhome. Even if they manage to get into the vehicle without attracting too much attention the immobiliser will prevent the engine from starting.
  4. And a tracking device – Tracker use GPS technology, no matter where your motorhome is you’ll be able to track its movements, notify the police and be able to recover your vehicle quicker.
  5. Fit a steering lock – Slow down the progress of a thief if they break into your vehicle, cover the steering wheel with a disc shaped steering lock or something similar, it’s highly visible and very hard to breach.
  6. Use a gearbox lock – Cover the gearbox with a locking device, lock it to the handbrake to create another obstacle for thieves to work their way around.
  7. Clamp the wheels – Finally, as well as everything else, you could always put a clamp on one or more of your motorhome’s wheels. If thieves see your vehicle is clamped and you also have the other security measures mentioned in this blog in place, there’s a good chance they’ll try their luck elsewhere.

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