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Damp creeps up on you silently, and you won’t even notice it’s gotten bad until it’s gotten bad. The smell and the eventual sight of damp rears its head quickly and quietly, and you may not get a chance to react before some serious cleaning and repairs are necessary. We’re going to look at the causes of damp, how to prevent it, and what to do if you need motorhome repairs.


The causes of damp

Damp is caused by excessive moisture that creates mould or rot. This occurs through either a leak or water that has come into contact with a surface, or through moisture in the air not being able to find an escape route. Cold weather and wet months are the main culprits for the development of damp, but this is most common when there’s a hitch or chink in the body that requires motohome repairs, as it lets in the air and rain. Faulty seals around windows, doors, and rooflights provide plenty of opportunity for water to seap into your motorhome.


Does your motorhome have damp?

  • Are you noticing a musty smell?
  • Have you found black residue around your windows, doors, or rooflights?
  • Is there blue or pinkish staining on your wallboards?


Preventing damp in your motorhome

Preventing damp in your motorhome could be as simple as ensuring proper ventilation and letting the air flow. Even if you don’t use your motorhome as much as you’d like to, simply ventilating it by opening the windows and doors and letting air pass through once a month can help to prevent damp. Wipe away any condensation on windows and mirrors too, as this is where moisture enters the air and affects your seals.


Motorhome repairs and maintenance

Having your motorhome checked yearly, or more frequently if necessary, is key to preventing and detecting damp. As professionals, we will conduct our inspection using an accurate damp meter and advise you on the motorhome repairs necessary for getting your vehicle back into working condition. Because water damage spreads quickly, the sooner you catch it the better, which is why we recommend regular damp checks especially if you are using your motorhome as much as you’d like. As well as motorhome repairs, we’ll also advise on preventative measures to ensure the continued health of your motorhome or caravan.


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