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Whilst there’s a good chance your motorhome will be safely stored away for the winter, you’ll no doubt still be making trips in your everyday car, getting to and from work, enduring the trials of the school run, and driving for leisure purposes whenever you have some free time. This is fine until the weather takes a turn for the worse, and you find yourself having to drive in snowy conditions. The recent events caused by the Beast from the East, along with the subsequent snow showers from storm Emma, have made driving treacherous in certain parts of the country.

Obviously, the best advice in these types of conditions is to avoid driving altogether to prevent the risk of accidents, incidents and putting yourself in danger. If you do have to make a journey though, we think it’s sensible to take the following course of action.

Give yourself extra time

Always give yourself extra time in snowy conditions as you will need to drive more slowly and there’s a good chance the traffic on the route you are planning will be heavy, so you’ll need more time to cover the distance.

Plan journeys ahead

Check the route you intend to travel on and try to stick to major roads which are more likely to be clear and will be safer to travel on. Avoid using smaller minor roads if at all possible for fear of getting stuck on untreated surfaces.

Wear the right clothing

Dress in warm clothing inside the car and wear comfortable shoes with a good grip that won’t slip off the clutch or the brake pedal when they are applied. It’s better to layer up and remove clothes if necessary should you get too warm.

Have spare clothes in the car and take s

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