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Imagine owning your own motor home.

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Jumping in, hitting the road and not stopping. Sounds liberating doesn’t it?

The problem is, motor homes are expensive. Really expensive. And so first time buyers go for second hand vehicles, and that’s fine. But if you’re going to do this you need to do and consider a few things…

Research, research, research

As with anything, the more you know, the better decision you can make. Look into the different types of motor homes, their s and their strengths and weaknesses.

Motor homes are built for different purposes. Some fit for a family, some for the lone wanderer.

You should also look into common faults that people who drive the motor home you’re looking at come across. You don’t want any nasty surprises once you’ve splashed your cash.

Your budget is key

Now you’ve researched the different types of motor homes you know roughly how much your preferred type is going to cost. And that’s easy to budget. But what about all the other expenses that come along with motor homes. Have you considered those?

There’s insurance, servicing, fuel, and storage costs to consider.

Make sure these are factored into your budget.

The layout

I’m sure that you have an idea of the layout you’re looking for. But be prepared to compromise. While the layouts do vary massively, it isn’t always possible to find your ‘dream’ motor home.

Make a note of the things you need and search for motor homes that meet with these criteria.

Remember, the longer your list, the longer it’ll take to find your motor home.

Test drive

Once you’ve compiled a list of potential second hand motor homes it’s time to go and try them out. You should never, ever purchase a vehicle if you haven’t seen it or driven it before.

This is your chance to notice any issues with the way the vehicle handles, or on the body work.

If you’re new to driving these big homes on wheels then take someone along with you who has experience behind the wheel. They’re much more likely to spot any issues with how it handles.

Good luck!

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