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Routinely servicing your caravan is integral to ensuring optimal working condition. Perhaps unsurprisingly, caravan servicing is a comprehensive process – one that entails more than 60 individual checks, taking four hours or more to complete.

There are three distinct elements to caravan servicing. These are the engineer, the tools and the process. A fully-trained engineer with comprehensive experience will thoroughly examine individual elements of your caravan, identify areas of concern, resolving any underlying issues and check that your caravan benefits from optimal performance.

Engineers use specialist tools which have been designed for accuracy and durability – after all, an engineer is only as good as the tools at his or her disposal. Defined caravan service processes include detailed and systematic checklists which cover the interior and exterior of the caravan, and ensure that it is both safe, comfortable and roadworthy. So, what can you expect to receive in a basic caravan service? Read on to find out more.

Electrical Systems

During the caravan service, all internal and external lights will be assessed to identify that they are in good working order and without fault. Sockets are tested using a loop check. This ensures that the light is wired correctly.

In addition to the external lights, all interior appliances are checked to ensure safe continued operation. From the fridge to electrical hobs, TV sockets to the microwave – and, of course, the car battery. All checks are completed with a residual current device (RCD), with devices being checked over an allotted time frame. All fuses are checked with miniature circuit breakers (MCB) to ensure their continued compatibility with the vehicle appliances.

Gas Systems

Making sure your gas system is in optimal working order is paramount.A fully-trained engineer will use a manometer to check for leaks in the gas supply system. This will ensure that all your gas appliances, such as the oven, fridge, heating system and water heater are in proper working order. In addition, all vents will be checked to make sure that they are clear so that a consistent flow of gas can be achieved.

All appliances will be switched off at the isolator taps and the test will be completed using a flame failure device (FFD) which, if cut in, means that the gas systems have successfully passed. In conducting a carbon monoxide test, (CO room test), an engineer will switch all gas appliance off and run a fluid gas analyser to test the quality of the air. All results are recorded and relayed to the owner once completed.

Water Systems

A somewhat more straightforward caravan servicing process, yet one that’s no less integral, is testing the water systems. During the service the engineer will individually check for water leaks. The waste water outlet will also be checked for blockages.

Once the engineer is fully satisfied that the caravan does not have any leakages, they will also inspect the toilet valve seal to ensure that it’s well-lubricated. The battery-operated flush is also tested to ensure that toilet waste can be successfully deposited.


Prudent caravan servicing inYorkshire will entail a full assessment of the bodywork of the caravan. General observation of the windows, doors and blinds will be undertaken, including a visual inspection of the roof. Not only that, a damp check will be carried out throughout the inside of the caravan to make sure that the caravan is not suffering from any rot.

This process is meticulously completed using a damp meter. Should the meter read a percentage of 0-15% then there are no obvious damp concerns across the bodywork. Should the meter read a percentage of 15-20% further investigation will be required, which is typically done as a re-check in 3 months’ time. Should the meter read more than a 20% presence of damp, immediate attention will be required as this denotes water ingress. At this point, a damp inspection report will also be written.


In addition to the already mentioned inspections, a caravan service engineer will also complete a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s chassis. This will include making sure that steady lubrication is delivered, the head coupling gear is in sound working order and complete tyre checks of each wheel and the spare tyre.

Also, as part of thorough caravan servicing in Yorkshire, the engineer will check the jockey wheel and underneath the caravan to ensure that there are no obvious faults with the chassis.

Additional Checks

However, that’s not all. Comprehensive caravan servicing also includes making sure that all vents are free of obstruction and that the roof lights can be opened and closed easily. Should any problems be apparent, these will be resolved as part of the service.

The final check will be to test the fire and carbon monoxide detector. Should either replace date have expired, or be about to, these will be replaced. The fire blanket will also be replaced to make sure that it’s safely secured and in good condition.

So, there you have it. This is what you can expect as part of a full caravan service. If you’d like to learn more or to book your caravan in for a service with Motorhome Body Repairs, call us today!

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