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Try a TyrePal and stay safe on the road

Would you travel hundreds of miles in your motorhome without checking the condition of your tyres first?

Most sensible motorhome owners wouldn’t. They’d carefully check the rubber on their recreational vehicle before attempting a long distance journey.

As well as performing manual checks before a trip, clever toys are available to help you monitor the pressure in your vehicle’s tyres.

This blog is all about one of those gadgets.

We’re looking at something called a TyrePal at DMR Motorhome Body Repair Specialists, and we’ll be providing general care and advice about looking after your RV’s tyres.

What’s a TyrePal?

Imagine you could use a clever device to monitor the pressure of your tyres on the move. That’s the principle of the TyrePal. It’s a fully functioning electronic gizmo that cleverly tells you when something is wrong with your tyres.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

It is and this clever solution could prevent a whole range of problems including:

  • Tyres overheating – Could result in a blowout
  • Tyres losing pressure – Causing unnecessary wear and a reduction in fuel
  • Tyres over inflated – Might affect road holding, stopping distances and enhance tyre wear

Keep a closer eye on tyres and this enhances road safety, improves the handling of the vehicle, reduces braking distance and could save fuel as well.

How does it work?


The TyrePal uses wireless sensors cleverly concealed within a set of valve caps. They continually monitor the pressure and the temperature of your tyres checking for any signs of change.

An easy-to-read cab-based monitor acts as the base station for the sensors. This provides a continuous readout and sounds an alarm if any irregularities occur.

It’s suitable for all types of vehicles and works particularly well on motorbikes, cars, vans, buses, motorhomes and HGVs, so no matter what you drive, you know how your tyres are behaving.

Don’t let a condition become critical  

Suppose you experienced a blowout at high speed? Say your tyres were losing air and you knew nothing about this. At the very least this would affect your fuel consumption figures. At worst this could have an impact on the handling of the motorhome, it might be difficult to steer or you might find it takes longer to stop.

A TyrePal prevents this by acting as your emergency beacon.  Just fit the sensors to your valves and you’ll know exactly what is happening with your tyres, each corner of your motorhome is carefully monitored.

Why is this good for motorhomes?

  • Save fuel
  • Prevent accidents
  • Reduce the risk of serious injury
  • Lower CO2 production

These are just some of the benefits of a tyre monitoring system.



Keep a close eye on the pressure in your tyres and monitor the temperature as well. A TyrePal is informative, intuitive and easy to understand, giving you data that makes it safer to take to the road.

Other safety precautions you can perform on tyres include:

  • Checking tread depth – Should be a minimum of 1.6mm but recommended to change at 3mm
  • Examine tyre walls – Look for bulges which could indicate the sign of weak spots
  • Look for foreign objects – Nails, tacks, pieces of metal or shards of glass could cause a slow puncture or total tyre fail

Have a blowout on the move and this could lead to damage on your motorhome. We can repair bodywork at DMR so contact us for advice, or to prevent a blowout use a tyre monitoring system and be forewarned and forearmed.

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